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Holiday with another couple

Holiday with another couple

My wife and I were on vacation and meet numerous couples and drinking starred. It was now around 1:00 am and we are in pool that has a small 10 ft like river in front of our rooms and then goes to a large secluded pool. Some couples went to be it left my wife and another couple she was pretty drunk and decided to go to bed. I was Henry so I followed she passed out and left me hanging. I slid a sex pair of her panties on figuring no one was in the pool, another couple came out naked and got in the pool and at first didn’t see me. They apologized and I said don’t you both have hot bodies. They smiled and said thank you.

They said they were horny and asked me if I mind watching them play I said not at all. The gal sat in the edge pool and the husband was going some on her. I slid next to her to watch. The husband put his hand on my thigh next to my cock and I then on my wife’s panties and started rubbing my cock. His wife said that it was hot and asked me if she could watch her husband give me a blow job. I was too horny to say no. He took my panties off and went down on me while the wife fingered herself.

He said since you wear panties I assume you sick cock and immediately put his cock in to my face I never sucked a cock but I could resist, after a few minutes I was playing with myself and he came in my mouth, and I swallowed, then jerk off when I was ready to explode his wife put her mouth on my cock and I came.

I confess this was hot and I liked cock.
I didn’t tell my wife what I did, but we had great sex the next morning.

Kyle Sex June 09, 2024 at 8:04 pm 0
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You are officially bi. Maybe you involve your wife in a future orgy. How old are you?
Jim 1 month ago
I am 32 and my wife is 28. It would be difficult to tell my wife I am bi. After this encounter I have had other opportunities to suck cock, I would say six other guys. I now have a regular guy, that is also married and we are on the same page, we love our wives but like to suck cock, I can’t tell you how many times we have 69 each other. He has been pushing me to do anal, the closest that I let him do was me on my stomach and him rubbing his cock up and down my ass, he came pretty quick. My plan next time is to let him go all the way and do me in my ass, but I will pretend to resist to get him really horny and tell him just the tip and no further and then back my ass into his cock. He will be shocked that I let him do this to me.
Kyle 1 month ago
Keep us posted please....
Ramón 1 month ago
When you 69, do you try to cum at the same time? Do you both swallow? Will you do anal as well, I mean entering hi
Bob 1 month ago
Hi Bob,
Yes the ultimate goal when we 69 is try to cum at the same time which has happened numerous times it is a rush that I can’t explain! No different when I am doing my wife and we both orgasm at the same time.
Kyle 1 month ago
I'm get horny wearing panties in public. I get drippy dick pre cum at the beach and stain the front. Tell us your next adventure.
Ricky 1 month ago
I Wonder what it would be like to have a dick in the mouth....
Gustav 1 month ago
Would you do his ass as well? The ass is so tight that it is scary someone could get hurt
Ronaldo 2 weeks ago
Sounds like you have had a little ass play yourself. Don’t knock until you tried it. I prefer to be a bottom myself! I have never been on top.
Kyle 2 weeks ago
I Wonder what cum taste like. I have tasted my own either but it would be more interesting anothers guy cum..
Herman 2 weeks ago
Hi Herman,
Why don’t you stop wondering and go down on a guy and actually taste his cum. I will worn you once you start sucking cock it will be hard to stop you will always be looking for your next opportunity.
Kyle 2 weeks ago
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