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Cheap But Not Free

Cheap But Not Free

I came home at 4AM. Had been out drinking and hooked up with a guy. Walked in the door and there sat my fucking husband. He was supposed to be in god damn Chicago. Fucking busted. I was still pretty drunk. Looked like I just got laid and smelled like it. I am so fucked now. He is going to use this to divorce my ass.
Sammy Relationships May 01, 2024 at 7:06 pm 0
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It doesn’t sound like you have any remorse that you betrayed your husband. It sounds like you are upset because he caught you! Then you blame him for being home like it is his fault, instead of being in Chicago!

Let me guess this isn’t the first time that you have done this? Yep you are fucked! Learn from your mistakes. I would also divorce you and I wouldn’t even think about giving you a second chance, your relationship will never be the same, no matter the excuse you tell your husband, “oh I was drunk it will never happen again, I have never done this before blah blah”. Little do you know that you destroyed the man that loved you more than anything in this world he will never be the same! My wife did the same thing she had an affair and got caught….It was extremely difficult, I would have laid down my life down for her, but I never looked at her the same, the women I married was the girl next door type of women, that was now a lying deceiving slut. I never trusted another women again, even though I am remarried, I will never fully give another person my heart. I look it is as though it is just temporary arrangement and she can not be trusted, even though she loves me dearly and we get along incredibly well, we never fight, or disrespect each other and we are very loving to each other. Yes it was a women just like you that made me loveless inside!

I wish you well, just like I did my first wife. After she was caught, I never showed her any emotion, or how hurt I was or how upset I was with her, or mad at her, I never even yelled at her, my silence said it all, not speaking or talking to her again, was best for me, I would always say to myself that she was dead to me. I hope you find what you are looking for! I never spoke to my x wife again, even after she tried calling me or reaching out. I eventually blocked her and removed every mutual friend that we had together so she could never see how I was doing. It was like a funeral of my past life.
HT 2 months ago
That guy has a wee bit of a chip on his shoulder I would say but he is right. You are getting exactly what you deserve. Maybe you will learn from this but I doubt it.
Carl 2 months ago
For my paper: how old are you? How l9ng have you been married? How many guys have fucked you since you got married?
Bob 2 months ago
Well fuck you very much HT. You don’t know shit about what a jerk he can be. He fucked around in me long before I did on him and a hell of a lot more often. He even fucked our neighbor when I was 8 months pregnant. Kiss my asd
Sammy 2 months ago
I am 31 years old. We would have been married for 11years this summer. Since we have been married I have been with just two guys. Both of them in the last few months.
Sammy 2 months ago
31 years old. Married 11. Two guys. Both in the last 4 months.
Sammy 2 months ago
Wow that was a little harsh comment for something that you didn’t divulge originally. I don’t have the ability to read your mind. But if it makes you feels better to tell someone to F off and kiss your ass okay. Your tit for tat excuse is bull shit, you should have divorced him when you caught him. You are the one that said you are screwed not me. Sometimes the truth hurts, I have a feeling no one has called you out before. If you think cheating on your husband when you have a child is acceptable conduct so be it! Congrats you are mother of the year. I would rather take the high rode and wish you well and hope you find a path that will lead your daughter in the right direction by example. No disrespect but you are most likely headed for a divorce. I will say after time you can find happiness after divorce but it’s not easy!
I really didn’t take your words as being mean or unkind I thank it was off the cuff and you were venting and are frustrated on my comments. Again you did not divulge that your husband wasn’t father of the year. I hope you overcome your resent lapse in judgment. The first step is forgiving yourself and not take it out on others, own what you did, it was your choice don’t use your spouse as an excuse, he didn’t make you go out and get drunk and hook up with another guy, that was your decision. Focus on what is right for your child and teach by example or your daughter will be just like you! If you prefer to take another cheap shot and tell me to F off instead of thinking about some of my comments, bring it I am a big boy, one thing I won’t do is stroke your ego and call you princesses unfortunately my dear that shipped sailed.
I sincerely wish nothing nothing bit the best for you. Hopefully you might pull one thing that I said to heart and it may help even if it is from a stranger.

HT 2 months ago
By the response that you gave HT and your choice of words, you seem like a joy to live with! Their might be a common denominator on why he has strayed, did you ever think it might be you, and your shitty attitude and demeanor? Great response to tell him to F off and kiss your ass! I believe what comes around goes around! I suspect your husband is going to say the same thing to you F off and kiss his ass with no remorse! Typical women blames the husband because she got caught cheating, your husband didn’t force you to go suck another guys cock and f him. Oh but he did it first, grow up don’t use your husband as an excuse.
Lysa 2 months ago
So you have done this often but your husband did it a lot more often! Sounds like you two are made for each other!
Gibson 2 months ago
Your comment is a bit harsh. Two wrongs doesn’t make it right. But if it makes you feel better to tell me to F off and kiss your ass and vent on me I understand. I think you should be angry at yourself and forgive yourself we all make mistakes in life it is part of growing up. I hope you and your husband can find some peace and move in a direction that will lead to a loving and respectful relationship towards each other. I hope he can forgive you and you can forgive him.

Nothing but well wishes!
HT 1 month ago
Do you want to have a drink with me?
Billy 1 month ago
I am now sporting a black eye and a split lip after we “talked” about our problems. He got pissed when I mentioned the time I caught him with our neighbor. He punched me in the face knocking me down then he kicked me in the ass so hard I still can’t sit comfortably. There is no way in hell that I am going to go back to that abusive prick.
Sammy 4 weeks ago
What has transpired in your life in the last week. Are you OK??
Billy 3 weeks ago
I am ok. Lip and eye much better. He is gone—living with his buddy. Life is not great but better
Sammy 2 weeks ago
I am ok. I am healing up. He is gone. Living at his Moms. Lots of crap to work through but life is getting better
Sammy 2 weeks ago
I am truly sorry that your husband resorted to violence, but I am glad you walked away and have no intentions of reconciling. It is time to move on and find someone that you can trust and he can trust you. I never understood hitting a women even when I caught my wife cheating. Never even thought of raising a hand to someone I loved no matter what they did. It is so much easier to walk away and total avoid them and move on. Silence can also hurt, my thought was, you don’t even deserve to talk to me and I am not going to waste my time and energy on you, have a wonderful life without me in it, because I can assure I am going to be much happier with someone else!
HT 1 week ago
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