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Yep I m Usless

Yep I m Usless

In the early days of computers and internet for business, I was hired by a large manufacturer to organize their inventory control for a parts department that served an international dealer network. I found the existing computer was being used as nothing more than a wpord processor to fake orders. No part numbers were used and everything was made up along the way. Production had numbers, and at one point I found one part, under 8 differnt parts numbers in 11 bin locations. That was just a tiny example.

There were large graphics bought at time of production with a few extra for future use. As such, each cost no more than 30 dollars. When they ran out and ordered more it was a limited run of a tiny amount for the printer and each cost hundreds of dollars. They still sold it to the customer for ...30 dollars. Then they blamed inventory control for losing money. I got to know the CFO and explained my findnings and was told to just fix it. When I did, we had the best yearly inventory in the history of the company.

That threaten the managers and they demoted me to answering phones. It took five people to cover the responsibilites I had been covering. I had been the department training person for the new computer system they bought and helped anyone who needed it. Then I got written up and told I was sticking my nose where it didn't belong. A week later my immediate manager asked for computer help and I refused to help her, telling her HR made it clear that wasn't my job. She was highly upset and used it against me. In the end, I got fired.

Nobody there knew what the internet was in my department except me. Even most of the IT guys weren't on-line yet. I went home, logged in remotely and selected "All" on the quainty section of the inventory and deleted it. Then I removed the top 30% selling parts from the parts department inventroy. Next, I canceled all the orders, backorders and production orders they had. It left them with less than when they hand wrote everything, and zero idea of their stock or pending orders.

At firing, I told the HR manager the managers were fuckiong idiots and they'ed be closed in 6 months (having been looking into accounting files). Instead it took 8, after 30 years in business. One of my ex-managers had a heart attack at work and died. Another wnent home another day and shot himself. Most employees never got paid their last months pay. I didn't cause the failure, but am smug to know I helped it along.Years later I spoke to the former CFO in another bsuioness setting and he filled me in the bloody details I figured had happened.

Yeah, I was useless and didn't know what I was doing.
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