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The BIG reveal

The BIG reveal

My best friend of many years visited my wife and I this past year. As usual, we got to drinking and reminiscing about old times. As the booze kept flowing, the details got more sexual about when I accidentally walked in on him and his past girlfriend having sex in his old house. I joked about seeing a magnum wrapper on the floor and not knowing he was packing down there. For a tall, skinny white boy, he had a cock that hung easily past the middle of his thigh. If I had to guess, it was 8-9 inches about the girth of big Red Bull can. He didn't even try to hid his cock when I walked in even though his girlfriend could only look up from her bend over position. Her dress was flipped up to the middle of her back and a pair of tiny, white cotton panties were still around one of her ankles. She covered up quickly, but he stood there with an erect cock with a condom still shiny from his session.

As for me, I'm about 5-6 inches and a normal size. I fuck my girl regularly, but I always finish her off by going down on her.

She asked if he really needed magnums and I said he did. I even joked she hadn't seen a penis that big before. He told her all she needed was to ask. She said she wanted to see it, but didn't want it to be weird for me. I finally just said go for it, since I was starting to get excited, but she was never going to see that with me. He suggested she do something to make it hard like take her shirt off. She did as he asked and she was now just in short jean shorts and and her pink bra. I finally just told her to take her shorts off as well, and she laughed and asked if I was liking all this. I told I was and she just agreed and stayed in her bra and her peach colored, floral panties.

When he took his cock out, it was a big as I remembered. He played with it a little to make it harder, but I knew she was as surprised as I was. He told her to touch it if she wanted and she wanted to stroke it and I asked her what she wanted to do with it. She said she wanted it in her mouth and he brought her lips closer to it. She blew him while I watched until he pulled it out of her mouth and told her lay back on the couch. He moved her panties to the side and all she could say was for him to do it slowly. For five minutes, he was all the way in until I heard her cum loudly. He pulled out and asked her where he should finish and she said in her throat. He stiffened his back after she put her mouth on him again and I heard him unload in her mouth. She swallowed as I jerked off.

Needless to say. The rest of his visit went off without a hitch.
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How old are you? How long have you been married? First time your wife is fucked by another guy?
Billy 3 weeks ago
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