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In 2022 I was given a date rape drug in a drink by a guy at a bar. I didn’t know about it and didn’t consent to it. I had the most profound feeling for intimacy after about a half hour and I had trouble seeing clearly as well as a loss of coordination. He helped me to his car took me to my apartment and got me inside. He then proceeded to call his buddy who came over and they took turns fucking me repeatedly for about three hours before they gave me a pill that knocked me out for 8 hrs. I have never told anybody about this as I was ashamed of myself for being so stupid. I have never seen the guy again and I can’t even describe his friend accurately as I was really messed up by then. I am much wiser now and never go to a bar alone
Bev Relationships March 03, 2024 at 3:52 pm 0
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Sorry this happend to you, I'm a married guy with a daughter, I've always told her to never go to a bar by herself. Never leave your drink alone, or accept a drink from strangers . Your better off drinking at home with friends.
James 2 months ago
Sorry this happened to old are you? were you on the pill?
jose 1 month ago
I am 22 now. I wasn’t on the pill but luckily I didn’t get pregnant.
Bev 1 month ago
Want to go out for a drink sometime ? I am bi.
Nancy 1 month ago
How did he know your address? Did he threaten you?
Bill 1 month ago
I was pretty messed up but I knew my address and apartment number. No threats just a nice guy helping a “drunk” girl get home. Then he was a nice guy with his friend fucking me until they couldn’t get it up anymore.
Bev 1 month ago
It is very unfortunate that this happened to you. I am glad you made some changes to make this less likely to happen again. Out of simple curiosity at the time this happened had you recently broken up with someone??
Jimmy 1 month ago
I am so sorry this happened to you. I am also a victim of date rape drugs. I don’t want to bore you with details but I do want to bring up a point. I was with two girlfriends when I was drugged by a guy that had bought all three of us a drink and danced with all of us. He was experienced at how to appear harmless and caring when in reality he was cold and calculating rapist. I never saw it coming and neither did my friends. My advice to you is to never accept a drink from anyone you do not know very well.
Liz 1 month ago
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