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Her Punishment

Her Punishment

Like any normal guy, I’ll watch porn now and then. But my girlfriend of six years, who says she doesn’t want to get married, accidentally saw it on my personal laptop. I know it was stupid not to clear it off.

She said the next time she sees anything like that, she’s going to do whatever type of porn I was watching with one of her coworkers who constantly flirts with her. She’s very pretty and naturally petite, so she gets attention from male coworkers at every place she’s worked.

She got so mad, that she said she would film it just so I can watch what happens when I have to look at someone else that way.
anonymous Sex January 13, 2022 at 12:58 pm 0
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That is ridicoulus, she is going to fuck a guy just because you watch porn? Be careful she is probably fuckomg others already...
hermenegildo 1 year ago
So she wants to do spinner porn with her coworkers?
anonymous 1 year ago
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