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Caught wearing sisters panties

Caught wearing sisters panties

I was so embarrassed….my older sister started wearing sexy thongs and bikini panties. Being a horny young teenager I would go in her dirty clothes and find them and would wear them to jerk off. One day I found this silky pink thong that would get me horny when I slipped them on. I wore them to bed and feel asleep, it was summer and very hot in my room so I am sure I kicked off the sheets. I woke up and the door closed, I was lying on my back and I looked down and I was wearing the panties and had a hard on. I knew either my sister or my Mom saw me sleeping with them on.

The next day my mom asked me if there was something that I wanted to talk to her about? I said no why? Knowing that it was her that saw me in the thong. She said, I went to put your clean laundry in your room last night and saw you wearing your sisters thong, please don’t try to deny it! I told her I didn’t no what to say? She pressed it even further and said it looked like you were very excited wearing the thong, you had an erection? She said I understand that you are starting to explore your sexuality and you will need to masturbate it is common and I am not going to make you feel bad about doing it, but you shouldn’t be stealing your sisters thongs or panties. How about you go shopping with me today I will let you pick out whatever you like to wear and play in. You can keep them in your bottom draw and I will wash them with my clothes so your sister and dad doesn’t find out. I told her, I would be to embarrassed to go shopping for women’s underwear.
She said she would buy them for me and put them in my drawer, she asked if I liked silky, or lace I told her both. She bought me three sexy lace bikini bottoms and three silky thongs. She left a note on them and said wearing sexy bottoms doesn’t define you, if you like wearing them just enjoy it, I love you, Mom.

I have a great mom that never made me feel bad about my secret pleasure, and to my knowledge she never told my dad.

Kyle Sex March 11, 2024 at 11:40 am 0
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The exciting thing is to wear a dirty thong wore by a woman. How old is your sister and you? Any chance she lets you fuck her?
Ramón 1 month ago
My sister is 19 and I am 16. My sister and I have a great relationship but we wouldn’t explore touching each other. Although I have seen her in her panties and bra many times, and she wears the smallest bikini by our pool. I think she knows I check her out. Sometimes I have to go take care of myself because she gets me horny. She even caught me looking at her camel toe and asked me if I liked looking at her crotch, I denied it. She came over and kissed me on my check and said you are busted little brother and grabbed my hard on beneath my swim trunks, and said I told you so!
Kyle 1 month ago
Make a move Kyle, I think she will let you lose your virginity with her.
Jim 1 month ago
I used my older sister's dirty clothes for masturbating. Yeah, not proud, but I was crazy horny and couldn't stop. I know she missed some clothes but never confronted me.
Rich 1 month ago
I confess to taking panties from my sister and cousin. I have a panty fetish and understand it now.
I did sniff them and unload in them. Now I wear panties 24/7, wear lingerie at night, really love all female intimate wear.
anonymous 1 month ago
I found out through the years that sliding on your first pair of sexy panties is a sexual high. You would think that would be enough but you eventually look for another sexual turn on. For me It progressed into…(with a great masturbation session)
-Panties and my first pair of thigh highs.
-Next cute sexy thong garter belt and thigh highs.
-A one piece lingerie outfit with thigh highs.
-Silky tap pants and top.
-Sexy lingerie with thigh highs and my first pair of heels.
-Sexy outfit and slid on my first mini skirt.
-Went to my first professional crossdressing place they did a full transition, make up, wig and sexy outfit. I walked around for hours in the store, one patron had no idea I was a guy other when I talked. He complimented me on how I looked.
-Dress up for numerous guys and they fondled me.
-I took my first step and dressed up for a guy and sucked his cock, this lead to sucking other guys cocks.
-Dressed up for a guy that requested role paying and wanted to tear off my outfit, I let him, he forced me to suck his cock so I did. With a safe word.
-Same guy wanted to consensually role play and rape me, my first S&M experience with a clear safe word. He ripped my clothes off as I slightly resisted, he then tied my hands above my head and took my first cock and let him fuck me.
-Same guy wanted a friend to join and they spit roasted me, one guy took me from behind while I sucked off the other guy at the same time.
My suggestion be careful sliding on the first pair of panties or sexy thong it can be addictive.
It is difficult for me to find another sexual high.

Anonymous 1 month ago
Careful, crossdressing can lead to sissy behavior and desire to satisfy men sexually.
anonymous 1 month ago
When I was around my early teen years, my older sister and the neighbor girl from down the street would dress me up in girls clothes and put makeup on me cause they wanted to see what I would look like as a girl. Only happened about three times. After that, I would steal my sisters panties an wear them all day. They felt good on my little hardon. Later at night I would jackoff wearing them. I was never caught. Now I sometimes put my wife's panties on when she's not home. Your so lucky that your mom is so cool about the situation.
Cs 1 month ago
When your sister and friend put the panties on, did they touch your dick? Didnt they want to suck it or give you a hand job
Bob 1 month ago
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