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Step Daughter

Step Daughter

I met her mother at work. we were just friends at first she told me she had 3 kids 2 girls and a boy. I wasn't to thrilled to hear that because I had already raised my kids and didn't care to raise more. But then she to me home and introduced me to her kids and didn't want any part of it. However the more I hung around the closer I got with her and her children especially the youngest girl. She was a rough looking tomboy type but she was kind to me. I guess I fell in love with their mother and we eventuailly got married. Soon after the wedding she flip flopped on me and became mean and evil. I could not believe how she had changed.

My wife enrolled in school and worked full time and never was home. During this time my step daughter and I talked alot and just became very close. She got to where she would never leave my side. She followed me everywhere. I loved her like she was my own.

She has become a beautiful teenager now. Very very shapely to say the least. She is a far cry from the little tom boy I helped raise. She started walking around the house with only a towel on after taking a shower. She really makes me feel aroused. I try and keep myself from thinking like this but she is just too much. She loves to wrestle me so she can spread her legs and press her clit on my back or any where she can get pressure. I realized what she was doing and stopped wrestling around with her.

I think I miss the attention from her because I think I a falling in love with my step daughter. How could I let this happen. I can't get her out of my head. I don't want to be in love with her but I am. I guess it's easy when my wife pays no attention to me. No sex, no hug, no nothing. But my step daughter, she hugs me everyday and I feel so much love coming from her. She trust me with her every secret and I trust her also. She is my friend when I am lonely. I know nothing will ever come of this because I am quite older than she plus I am married to her mother, whom she can't bare to be around when I'm not home. I know she told me so.

I need help getting her out of my mind. I love her more than I have ever loved anyone and I'm scared. I am not attracted to 14 year old girls at all. It's just her. I can't imagine feeling this way about anybody else. Please somebody help me get over her.
anonymous Crush July 21, 2011 at 12:00 am 3
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You need to get help asap, that is not normal to be attached to a 14 yr old girl. If you really love this girl you would go get help before something happens between you and her. She may like the attention from you, if you do anything sexual with this girl you will ruin the rest of her life. Please get help immediately! Don't ruin this girls life because you don't know how to control yourself, or you are to selfish to get help before you hurt her.
anonymous 6 years ago
I would never hurt her. Never ever. I love her. If you love someone you wouldn't be selfish and forget about the conequences of such a think. I had plenty of chances because she literally tried to give herself to me. But I resisted and ended the onslaught of sexual advances she has made. I new that in her mind she just wanted to do it then. But she would regret it after she has grown up. Now simce I rejected her she thinls she is in love with a girl. Now that is something as a step dad that I totally hate. She thinks guys are not attracted to her. I hate lesbian activity. Especially if it my step daughter. I want her to stop searching for love in all the wrong places. I must talk to her and soon.
anonymous 6 years ago
You do need to get yourself some help. Stay away from your stepdaughter before you try something with her. You may need attention from a woman, you DON'T need attention from a 14 yr old girl, you need to get away from her altogether. Don't ruin this girls life because you don't know how to control yourself. When I was younger older man couldn't control himself and because of him the rest of my life will never be the same. Please for her sake GET HELP!!
anonymous 6 years ago
I am 16 and have a similar situation. I am searching for answers and this story only makes me more confused. I want my stepfather to want me.
Sara 3 years ago
Go slowly. When she turns 18 and you still have strong feelings, do her and do it good! In the mean time, enjoy what you can until you have to run for cover and jack-it.
anonymous 3 years ago
Too bad this post is dead. I am looking for advice on a very similar plane.
anonymous 3 years ago
My 13 yr step daughter and I kinda have the same thing. She is so curious but she is nervous/scared.She talks to me about everything. Ive let her watch me shower because she was curious. One time when we were wrestling around I got really hard. Instead of hiding it, when I hugged her from behind I pushed it into her ass. She pushed back and acted like nothing happened. I wish she would just let me teach her about love and sex.
anonymous 3 years ago
It is bonding. We have grown so close just having innocent hug, spoon, touch, a peck/kiss, but nothing hard other than one occasion which united us. We were camping in cold weather. It rained. We got extra close and sex happened.
anonymous 2 years ago
She knows her power but is immature as well. When I was 14 to 15, I relentlessly threw myself at my stepdad. Mom left for work earlier than him so he would wake me up for school and I made it a point to sleep naked. Left the bathroom door cracked when showering and did my hair naked in the mirror. Wrestled with him, especially in the pool.
He played it cool over a year but had a moment if weakness when I was 15 about a month from 16 and fucked me.
I was a virgin and it hurt but he was gentle and skillful and felt amazing after the initial pain. I was in teenage love and the attention was validating. We fucked three more times before he put a stop to it.

It didn’t mess up my life but I did carry a lot of guilt throughout high school because of my mom and also I saw how he struggled with his guilt and shame for giving in. He has apologized to me over the years but I have always told him I was ok and that I look back fondly on the experience itself and that I still hold him in my heart in a special way.
anonymous 2 years ago
I would take it to the next level and get intimate. Sex is healthy and would be the best for both of you. My daddy crush lasted until I got married. Our secrets are sealed for life. You don't have to tell anyone. Enjoy and teach her true love.
Ana 1 year ago
I was 12 or 13 when we started out small and don't exactly recall but I think I was 14 when I lost my virginity. Sex was routine and I loved it and the bond it created will never be broken. I am 33 now and still love my dad. I have a husband and two kids so I think I turned out just fine. I miss it. The sex was not the same as what I have with my husband and sometimes I fantasize.
Leah 1 year ago
I like the idea and do what I can to increase the sexual side of our relationship. He cannot keep up with me.
anonymous 9 months ago
Are your desires worth going to prison or being on the sex offenders list? Visualize you being I prison and everyone in there will either beat the fuck out of or you will get fucked repeatedly by force and being held down! You will lose your wife career friends family and most everyone that you know! Curb your desires young girls are very space today they can give you thumbs up pure consent and when they do not get their way she could very well expose your relationship. If you love her why would you mess her up emotionally and psychologically. This will be a pure case of I was abused when I was younger that is why she will be a train wreck even though it was consensual. I will add nothing is consensual with a 14 year old look up the laws! One last point do you think a 14 year old could ever keep a secret?

Crossing the line 8 months ago
I wouldn't mind having sex with my SD. It would be a learning experience from a good man I adore. Actually I look forward to what our future holds. Thank you all for your ideas.
Stella 3 months ago
I also find myself getting too close to my SD. As she gets older and more lady like, our sexual tension grows. It's mutual and I just hope I contain myself.
Jake 3 months ago
Trying to get dad closer to me. He looks and gets excited but won't take me.
Leah 2 months ago
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