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Wish I Could Burn It Down

Wish I Could Burn It Down

My Father's family was dirt part farmers. For genrations, every time they could get ahead enough to buy some tiny peice of land, they did so. Lataer they traded multiple lots for a single larger lot and began to have houses and rental properties to genrate income. None ever had a new car, a fancy house or a big vaacation. They all died fairly young because of all the manual labor they did. But they took great pride in paying it forward for later genrations.

My Mother was adopted by a wonderful German woman and her Hungarian husband. They were immigrants and worked in white collar jobs. They did fine, but nothing fancy. My Gradfather died before I was born with Cancer, leaving insuraance, a house and a car behind. Bringing their Lutheran faith with them, they took my Mother along as a child. But my Mother wasn't light skinned and blue eyed, as she had Jewish heritage. She didn't fit into the church in the least, and began a lifelong obsession to do so. She became a teacher and taught at only Lutheran schools for over 50 years. Never missing a Sunday for church (except the day I was born, which seemed to endlessly anger her).

My parents were an electrician and a teacher, and my father carried the load of bills. In my youth I was required to do the lawn work to maintain a number of inherited properties from my Father's family, always being promised ownership and finacial security as an adult someday. I literally had time for nothing else than school and then driving to go mow grass or some other task. I justified it as investing into the family history.

My Mother suddenly decided we no longer needed ny of the properties and began to aggresively sell them off. Anything from her side of the family saw all the profits go to her drunk bum of a brother who had leached off my Grandmother (all the while bad mouthing her). I lived out of state, and begged her to not sell the properties, based on their promises. She ignored me, and to make things worse, sold most of them for far less than market value. When I later valued them, they were worth a few million dollars. She got around $350,000.00 total. Just after that, she unexpetedly passed away and I stepped in to organize her estate for my griefstricken Father.

I found literally none of the money, and his assets to be far, far less than expected. When he then passed away, I found tax records going back to the early 50's, and reviewed them to understand their history. I found tat most of the money from the sale of the family assets was donated to the very church that never gave a damn about my Mother. In fact, the preacher that was in office was expecting and paid 400 bucks to preach the worst funeral service I've ever heard. Some time later he commited suicide after stories that he was embezzling church funds. Regardless, everything I had long termed planned in my life was gone without a penny to show for it. My endless years of free lawn service and work were lost. I could have done so much more in other areas of my life with the time!

After my Mother's death, the church started badgering me for donations in my Mother's name, not knowing what I had found. Her former co-workers told me it was the only thing right to do. One day I had enough and explained how she had already given away all the family assets, and I've never heard from her friends again.

I sometimes have to drive by the church she was a victim off, and it angers me for days every time I do. Recently they sold off much of their property as their elderly and dying congregation dies off. A series of tall office buildings have been built surrounding the place, and it looks like the house in the movie "Up". I wish I could just go burn the place down for all the grief and ain it has casued me. With age so many of my formerly wild living friends have become rabid christains and try forcing it down my throat. When they were stoned and stupid I was mowing lawns that went to a useless church. The only thing I pray for is that the damned place burns down.

What kind of god allows their followers so much grief at the hands of their official church?
Euronymous Revenge September 01, 2022 at 1:41 pm 1
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