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Virtual fun turns to live play

Virtual fun turns to live play

I got to know a guy through an online messaging group, a friend of a friend. We struck up a connection as he was stuck at home during Covid lockdown. It got progressively deeper and sexual. We shared sexual fantasies and occasional zoom jerk off sessions.

We live hours apart and finally has the opportunity to meet for a few minutes as he passed by my town. The connection was instant. Emotionally deep and highly physical.

He was coming through again, about an hour away and had a couple hours free. We met up at a park. Though no private areas, we found an out of the way picnic table where we could sit, talk and both found our hands wandering onto the other, as we both were commando . Difficult to be discrete but we were.

I was able to drape some towels over the edge to give us some cover and we fingered each other more until I bent over and fished his cock out under his shorts and gave him my first ever blow job. My hands worked under his shirt and played with his nipples as I could hear his breathing pick up and his hands were on my head.

He said he was ready to blow and I took him deep and worked my tongue. I was soon rewarded with that warm creamy feeling of his jiz in my mouth. Deeply sucking to get it all, I swallowed. I sat up and we looked in each other’s eyes and smiled.

One thick white drop of cum escaped and was on the bench. I dabbled it with my finger and licked it clean.

Time was up and he had to leave. We held onto each other and vowed to do a repeat and he promised that I’d receive as gas I gave.

This time in a private space, over night and totally naked, ready for more exploring and fun.
Jake Sex October 22, 2023 at 11:12 am 0
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How old are you both?
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