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Time Wounds All Heals

Time Wounds All Heals

I was shy in my youth, and as such not taken serious by most of the women in my life. A couple of them, however, with clear thought before hand, hurt me badly in rejecting my attention. Recently I used the Power of Castle Internet to search them out and see whom they married and how wildly successful they had since become. I was gratified to find that both the worst ones had never married, worked crap jobs and were fat and looked older than their years.

One lived a distance from me, and I attended school with her in her city. After graduation, she agreed to come out for a low key date in my city, nice she always wanted to visit it. We dined and then went to a local club to dance and chat. I had expected to express an interest in her and ask for an actual date. She was clearly aware of my feelings. I went to grab a couple of drinks for us, and came back to an empty table. She was on the dance floor with some drunk ass older guy and ignored me. She never came back to the table and avoided my looks. I had made the mistake of agreeing to ride with her to the club, leaving my car 10 miles away. While walking back to it in the rain, a car swerved and almost ran over me. My hand was hit by the passenger mirror and broken. I walked 7 miles, in the rain, with a broken hand to get to my car and never saw or heard from her again.

The other woman was a close friend that I had clubbed with a great deal. I had decided to move out of state to pursue work, and she set up a party for my going away. Once there, she barely even spoke to me. She disappeared, and I found that the guy I was moving in with out of state was in the bedroom screwing her. So much for friends of any sex. That one hurt even worse than the first.

My searches generated home addresses for both, so I prepared a package expressing that I had been an unknown admirer of theirs in their youth and they had hurt me. I expressed that I had been attracted enough to have married them but gave no clues strong enough for them to figure out if it was me. About a month later, both their social media accounts related they had received the packages and lamented their loneliness in old age and having found out there was somebody for them they had blown off and hurt. Hopefully it will hurt as much the rest of their lives in their lonely nights as it hurt in most of mine already.

Not sorry at all how mean it might be, they deserved it.
Tampa Red Revenge August 31, 2022 at 1:42 pm 0
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