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T or D Cuckold

T or D Cuckold

I guess enough time has passed so that I can finally tell the story. It involves my ex-wife and the night I knew we were getting divorced.

After about seven years, our marriage had gotten stale and we had started drifting apart. That’s when I started watching a lot of porn to make up for the lack of sex.

To my surprise, I found cuckold porn and that really did it for me.

I had been watching it on my phone and I thought I had deleted it. But when she grabbed to borrow it, there it was. It was a video of a blonde that looked almost exactly like her getting double teamed by black guys. Even after all our problems, I still would look up porn stars that looked like her.

She was 5‘10“ tall, 120 pounds if that, long blonde hair to her shoulders, a cute smile, and blue green eyes. She was an athlete all her life, so she had a great ass and sexy legs. I would buy her lingerie, so I know she wore a 34C bra.

She got pissed and started asking me if that’s how I want her to get fucked and if I wanted to see her spit-roasted like that with big dicks.

Fast forward to three months after that when we were in couples counseling.

We had gotten an invitation to my friend Tyler‘s pool party and we decided to go.

She wasn’t going to swim, but since it was hot, she decided to wear a denim miniskirt that button in the front with five buttons and a simple tank top. After about four hours of hanging out and drinking pretty heavily call mom I was feeling loose enough to tell my friends if they had enjoyed staring at Nicky’s legs and ass all night since they made it obvious.

That’s when she got mad at me and said it’s not like I was fucking her anymore. That got everyone’s attention and since she was tipsy, she even joked that anyone would want to fuck her. She brought up the porn she found on my phone and joked that that’s what I wanted to see anyway.

I got embarrassed and finally just said that she can do whatever the hell she wants since she obviously doesn’t give a shit about me.

Tyler told her to play a game of truth or dare since I didn’t stop her anymore.

Every time they ask her which one she wanted, she would say Dare and Tyler would tell her to undo one of the five buttons of her skirt. After four dares, you could see the thin pink panties she had on with only one button at her waist keeping her skirt on.

I was getting angrier but also turned on that she was almost in just her underwear in front of my friends. As you might guess, he dared her to just take off her skirt entirely along with her tank top.

She let out a laugh and slurred that she would do it. There she was in a pair of tiny pink panties and white lace bra and started walking around the pool.

She told my friend this is what I had at home, but that I chose to jerk off instead to porn on my phone.

Honestly, I was hard as a rock. I would have fucked her right there if no one was around.

She asked Tyler what he thought of her body and if his dick was hard. She said since I wouldn’t do anything about it, she wanted to see how big he was since she was horny and naked already.

As Tyler was getting out of the pool, she came up to me and said she was going to make my fantasy come true. But I wasn’t going to see it. You could tell Tyler his cock was already hard with the tent he was pitching.

She told Tyler to fuck her in the house and let him by the hand to the porch door.

Halfway to the back door, she turned around and yelled that she wasn’t gonna need this anymore, and she unhooked her bra and threw it towards us. Her tits popped out and were full and with both nipples erect.

While all the details of the story will never leave me, it’s what she said next that made me want to jerk off right there.

“You can fuck me as hard as you want, I’m better than a porn star.”

My topless wife, just in a pair of tiny panties disappeared into the house with Tyler. We were all in silence, but I knew all of us were hard. After about 2 hours, they came back to the pool.

She came out in just a T-shirt with her tits poking through her shirt and what I guessed was no panties on. He came back wearing just a pair of boxer shorts.

“His dick was so good, sweetie. He had me all sorts of ways. He came on my tits like you used to. And I want a divorce.”

About a year after our divorce was finalized, I ran into her sister at bar.

She told me she had gotten on Tinder and was a busy girl. I figured I didn’t have anything to lose and I told her sister I had always wanted to fuck her even when I was with my wife.

Her sister was just a shorter version of her with smaller tits and shorter hair.

At first I thought she was just going to slap me and move on, but then she told me she wanted to hook up also but couldn’t say anything back then.

I remembered all those times we spent the night at her house and she would “accidentally” walk into the room with just a nightshirt and underwear on.

It wasn’t long before we were both in my car having sex. I can still remember lifting off her short blue cotton dress and seeing a pair of small string bikini Tommy Hilfiger panties with a pink hearts pattern on them.

Apologies for such a long story, but it was one not to forget.

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