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Sorry not sorry

Sorry not sorry

I was renting out a duplex to a young mid twenties couple. She was in school and he worked in the restaurant industry. Covid shut a lot of stuff down and he was out of work. She lost her part time nail salon gig. She was pretty and had a really nice body.

They came to see me and talk about the situation. I said to give me some time to think of something, that I didn’t want to kick them out. They were good tenants. I smiled at her as they left.

She came back the next day and had coffee. She was nervous and the whole situation was weighing on her. She wiped a tear from one eye, and I reached over and hugged her. It was that moment of weakness when I decided to take advantage of the situation.

I stroked the small of her back and then gently squeezed her butt cheek. She tended up slightly, but relaxed, and out her forehead against my chest. She sniffles and I could tell she was holding back tears. After a moment she asked “is this the ‘something?’”. I said yes. She nodded her head and said ok then.

I undressed her, had her underlies me. Pushed her head down and she knelt, sucked me. Then I fucked her for a couple hours. Took full advantage. Did everything to her. She was beautiful and sensuous. I had her for about 7 months regularly until they got back on their feet.
Kevin Sex July 10, 2022 at 11:03 pm 0
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The guy did not suspect anything or he just accepted to sahre her? How old are you?
jim 3 months ago
Was she on birth control or did you use condoms? Was his BF fucking her at the same time?
bob 3 months ago
Did you establish a rate? Like 10 fucks per month of rent?
james 2 months ago
How old were you? You had no partner?
bob 2 months ago
She told him 2 weeks after it started. There was no set rate, just whenever I wanted
Kevin 2 months ago
How often would you say you fucked her? twice a week?
jim 1 month ago
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