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She let them

She let them

My wife admitted that before me…she thought letting guys finger her was nothing
She said loads of guys did this to her, even the ones that didn’t have sex with her.

Do you think most women let guys finger them like she did.
anonymous Disgusting August 30, 2023 at 1:50 am 0
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I think your wife had a lot of will power by only letting them finger her. Would you feel better if she said everyone that fingered her also had sex with her? Let me ask you a question…change roles with her for a second, you are in the heat of having foreplay and the other person is finger or jerking you off are you telling me in the middle of it you are just ok with hand job or would you really like to take some cock or pussy. Very few women that I have been would stop at fingering they will go all the way, and the guys that I have been with that I have jerk off and gone down on them they all have tried to fuck me in my ass. No disrespect but I think your wife is telling you want you want to hear not what she has actual done.
Jess 3 months ago
She started letting guys finger her when she was 14, so probably had a couple of years before one of them got his cock ip her
anonymous 3 months ago
It can happen. I met a girl that only gave BJs until she was like 18
Bob 3 months ago
I agree with you, if she was that young she most likely gave hand jobs and let guys only finger her. I suspect just enough to keep a young teenage boy interested in her. If she let that many guys do this to her keep in mind her hormones were running high and enjoyed being played with and having an orgasm. I think it is just part of growing up as a teenager. I wouldn’t fault her or look down on her over it.

Maybe I am different but I enjoy hearing about sexual experiences that my wife had prior to me, I am not naive she is not a slut by any means but she enjoys sex, with men or women. We have had threesomes FFM and MMF and with other couples. She actually got me to be more sexually adventurous and explained having sex and loving someone is different and she can distinguish the two. She was begging me to touch another guy and explained it doesn’t make you gay it is just a sexual experience that I should at least try it once. She set up a night for a guy that was bi to come over, she said he thought I was attractive when we met at a function, she told me that this was an opportunity to experience something out of my comfort zone. We had drinks and wouldn’t you know it she puts on some guy on guy porn. I smiled at her and she winked at me and said go for it I will just watch. I thought ok I will please her and just touched the guys cock. I then took it out of his pants and took my cock out, we jerked each other off. I was a little drunk and teased him by getting my mouth close to his cock, then I just couldn’t resist I sucked his cock and was enjoying going up and down on him. He moved in a position to also suck my cock I couldn’t believe we were in a 69 position in front of my wife. I look over and she is masturbating watching us. She pulls out a condom and hands it to her friend he puts the condom on and I am thinking he is going to have sex with my wife. He grabs my legs puts them on his shoulder and lubes up my ass and his cock, I resist the temptation a little while he is rubbing his cock up and down my ass. My wife whispers in my ear “I would love to watch you get fucked please let him stick it in your ass I know you will enjoy it, just relax and let it happen” so I did, it hurt at first, but it didn’t take long until he was pounding my ass and was absolutely hornier then I could every imagine. He grabbed my cock while pounding me and I shot a load like I have never done before.
I then took the condom off of him and sucked his cock until he came in my mouth, my first time and I swallowed as much as I could. I was happy to please my wife and also enjoy something that I would have never have done without her pushing me to try it.
Jess 3 months ago
If you want to hear about my wife’s sexual exploits, email me.
anonymous 3 months ago
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