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Secretly enjoyed getting caught

Secretly enjoyed getting caught

Once when we were hanging around with a bunch of friends at a small lake on a warm summer's day. Me and my boyfriend at the time were getting horny and I let him oil me up and do a fair bit of touching my body. We also (French) kissed a lot.

So after a while we kind of decided to sneak away to a quiet spot in between some bushes. After some further kissing and touching each others private parts, we decide to shift shorts and bikini bottom to get the pressure off. He started doing me and we enjoyed it.

But after a while we noticed some of our friends had a hunch of what we were upto and appearantly followed us. They were watching us and stepped in closer once they noticed we discovered them. We told them to leave, but they refused to so.
My boyfriend asked them again, but they joked they would not leave until we finished up. Although he was reluctant, I secretly liked the idea of his friends watching him do me. I could judge by their bulging shorts that they enjoyed the show. When thinking about how each of them would probably be jerking on the event that night in bed, I just became more horny.

I wrapped my legs around him and pushed him in. I told him to continue as they just weren't going to leave and already caught us doing it anyway. He slowly started to pace up again and when he neared his orgasm he more or less lost control and gave it his' fullest and finished off.

After it was clear to his friends he had came, we told them to leave and they did. We straightened his shorts and my bottoms and returned. When we returned to our public spot. I looked around and could still see some bulging, stimulating my secret hornyness.

This happened several years ago, but I still think about it every now and then and feel aroused when I do.
Bianca Sex May 12, 2022 at 2:53 pm 0
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Hi Bianca, how many were watching you? Did you ever speak with any of them about it?
Jan 2 months ago
Hello Jan, there were 4 guys watching us. Never really spoken about it with them, although some ocasional remarks have been made in the weeks thereafter when me and him were kissing ;-)
Bianca 2 months ago
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