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My Modest Past

My Modest Past

My family knows me as a quiet studious woman that earned a PHD in education. My friends know me as the conservative dedicated professional educator.
I am what was once considered to be an old spinster. I am single as in never married no children I have never had a serious relationship and I am in my late 40’s. I was 16 before I kissed a guy and 20 before I had sex for the first time. I have one very big secret that I have never revealed to anyone until now. From the time I was 23 until I was 37 I was an escort for a service that had a very large following in corporate America. I have had sex with some of the most powerful and influential businesses men in this country. I was their most often requested lady for several years. I made a ton of money and had a lot of fascinating experiences. I never had any legal or physical problems and I genuinely enjoyed the experience. I quit because I was starting to show my age and it was getting increasingly difficult to stay in excellent physical condition because I have arthritis in my knees. I will not go into anymore detail as I want to remain anonymous. T
Thanks for reading my confession
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Your friend,
You must have been very attractive and had great physical attributes to sustain this type of live style for 14 years. It is so nice to hear that you enjoyed it and have no regrets or remorse. I know you stated that you didn’t want to share additional information, but out of curiosity how many men do you think you were with during this time period. I also have an opportunity to venture in this area but as a male escort. I am 25 and bi so the opportunities are endless. I have a degree and mingle with the higher end income people so networking is pretty easy. Did you also have women that used your services.
I hope you will reply I am at turning point and could really use the money.

Anonymous 3 months ago
Dear Anonymous
To be honest I never actually kept track of the numbers but it was a lot. If you can imagine doing 4 times a week for all those years it would be in the ballpark. Didn’t work every week and some weeks are better than others but I would guess at least 1,200. In the beginning it was just guys but in the last five years it included some women and occasionally couples. I would tell you not to get yourself into anything that involved or requires the use of drugs. There are no end to the problems brought about by drug users. Safety is a top priority
Your Friend 3 months ago
Do you currently have sex? Have you had a BF?
Jim 3 months ago
Your Friend,
Thank you so much for replying it is appreciated. If I decide to move in this direction which I am 90% sure that I will at least give it a try, do you think I will be pushed into having sex with more men, my suspicion is very few ladies will use a male escort service. As mentioned I am bi but I lean more towards women, I enjoy men if they are in shape and not afraid to cross the line. But I am curious if you think I will be getting rammed by men or if I will be doing the ramming with women? By the way I stay away from drugs I know the upper end can participate but I draw a hard line on using. I stay in shape and workout four times a week. I am still amazed you kept this such a secret with your family and friends? Any special reason that you made the confession?

Anonymous 3 months ago
Want to make some extra money this weekend??
Joe B 3 months ago
Dear Anonymous
You might want to think about just doing women and see how it works out for you to begin. I had to broaden my horizons as I got older. It is a young woman’s world out there. Why I confessed is simple. I am a fraud to a lot of people that I love and I needed to unburden my soul.
Your Friend 2 months ago
Your Friend,
I hope your confession has help to unburden your soul. I have made numerous confessions on this site that I thought I would never share with anyone. From masturbation in front of other guys in steam rooms, to my next chase of a thrill, wearing sexy panties in front of guys, one piece lingerie, thongs, garters, thigh highs, and skirts, it is extremely easy to get action when you are in good shape with guys they are much easier then women. No attachment, I have let them jerk me off and jerk them off, let them finger fucking me, to letting them suck my cock. I really tried resisting giving blow jobs, but I was so horny one day after I edged myself four or fives times and couldn’t take it any longer, so I slowly started giving a guy a blow job which turned in to me bobbing up and down on his cock until he came in my mouth. I was hooked, I am picky who I blow but I love it. My next step was role playing and letting a guy pretend rape me, I gave him the rules and safe word. The whole object was for him to try to stop me from jacking off myself while he rips my lingerie off of me. When he finally gets my panties off of me, I make myself come, this was a shaking out of this world orgasm. I wouldn’t let him fuck me but I agreed to let him try, I teased him and let him slid his cock up and down my ass, as soon as he tried to penetrate me I pulled away.
I am sure I will give in one day and let a guy fuck my problem with this is I am afraid I will enjoy it too much.
I hope this wasn’t to graphic. But I am glad I shared this with you and others.

Kyle 1 month ago
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