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It turned out I was gay

It turned out I was gay

I had a friend in college. A strange guy, but a good student. We were seniors and he lived off campus in a trailer park, I lived with two other guys in a garage apartment. He told me that he had gotten ahold of some chicken and was going to fix it on the hibachi. I stopped at Albertson's and bought some potato salad and some beer.

We ate together, it was a really good. We put on a game and I sat on the couch. He came over and sat beside me and said that if I didn't want to, and he kissed me, pushing me down into the cushions. It was a long kiss, as kisses go. His mouth was sweet, his lips so smooth, he breathed through his nose and so did I. When he stopped, he immediately went down below and undid my pants and got my dick out and started to kiss it and suck it. I let him, I just laid back with my hands behind my head and let him suck my dick. He stopped long enough to pull my pants completely off and he took his pants off too, his hard dick facing me. I leaned up and grabbed his dick and put it in my mouth.

The whole thing took about fifteen minutes until we had both cum. We sat up and got our pants and underwear and got dressed and pretended that nothing had happened. The next time I went over to his trailer, he pinned me against the kitchen counter and humped hard against me.. If that's what he wanted, I helped him get my pants down and stood against the wall holding onto the counter and he worked his dick right up my asshole. As it went in I had to change stance to let it go in easier and when he did the in and out fucking movement I relaxed and let it happen.

What is weird about all this is that I had never had any gay feelings ever. I'm sure he did, but not me. Until that day he kissed me I had never thought about it. After the day he fucked me, then I was gay. But not one of those gay you can tell a mile away. Just gay.
Peter Weird October 16, 2023 at 11:49 am 0
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