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How my wife turned me bi

How my wife turned me bi

Little did I know how my wife gets really hot with guy on guy action and how sly she was to eventually corner me in to considering it. My wife knows that I would love to see her with another women and she admitted if their was a right opportunity she would consider it.

We were in Mexico on vacation and she was dressed to kill with white a mini dress and a tiny tong under neath and no bra, she was getting a lot of attention. As we started parting she said she was getting horny and wanted to go back to the room and give me a surprise.

As we started playing she pulled out a new dildo about 8” long and and put it next to her. As we were having sex she grabbed the dildo and stuck it her mouth and was really going at it, she kissed me and kept switching back and forth with the cock. She then slid the cock on my lips and kept teasing saying I would love to see you suck some cock, and plunged the cock in my mouth. I had been drinking and was really horny so I gave her I show and sucked the cock for her, literally to my surprise it got to a point where I was deep throating the cock, this took her over the edge and she started to cum while yelling for me to suck the cock! I had no idea she was into this, she said it was one of the hottest things I have ever done for her! She confessed that it was her favorite porn before she met me! I had no idea this was her kink!

The next day we met a really hot couple, by the pool both my wife and I spend a lot of time in the gym and it was obviously they did the same. Both of the wife’s wore tiny thong bikinis and liked to show off. She whispered to my that she thought Jaime was really hot and she was getting wet and the opportunity to see her with another girl might happen. As the day progressed and drinks started to flow I could tell the girls were working up a plan. My wife approached me and said Jaime was bi and so was her husband and asked me if I wanted to see her have some fun with Jaime? I said absolutely! She said she would on a trade off bases......whatever the girls did the guys had to do the same, if some one says uncle than it stops, those are the rules take it or leave it! I hesitated, she whispered you sucked an 8” dildo last night don’t pretend you didn’t like sucking dick, that is the hardest you been in a long time you can say uncle at any time. I agreed.

Jaime put her hand down my wife’s bikini and fingered her and then said our turn Hunter put his hand down my pants and stroked my cock. Back to my wife she took Jaime’s bikini top off and bottoms and finger fucked her. My turn I took off Hunters speedo bottoms and a huge cock came out and I stroked it! Jaime took off my wife’s bottoms and licked her pussy, I let Hunter suck my cock. My wife paused and said to me you know the rules....if I go down on Jaime you have to do the same on Hunter do you want to say uncle? I was so horny to see my wife go down on that hot pussy I couldn’t say uncle. It was hot watching my wife get Jaime so horny and watching Jaime cum and quivering! My wife looked at me and said it is you turn and don’t stop until he cums in you mouth, she started fingering her pussy getting ready for a show I never thought in a million years I would be sucking some suck cock in front of my wife, I couldn’t back out, I grabbed his cock and slowly put the tip in my mouth and started to really get into it, I was rock hard and wanted my cock sucked on position myself to be in a 69 we were both sucking each other’s cock, he exploded in my mouth and I swallowed almost all of it. She whispered to me and said I like you being a little bitch and sucking cock for me, I can’t wait until you wear my panties tonight while I fuck you rin your ass and smiled!
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Did you consider fucking Jaime and your wife fucking with Hunter?
jim 2 years ago
I was so horny at the time if my wife asked to fuck Hunter I would have said absolutely yes, and if Jaime wanted to have sex and with my wife’s approval I would fucked her, she was really hot and hard body.
Tristan 2 years ago
Wow hot story.... as you stated you wife is very sly and a nice move on her part. I also like guy on guy action.
Cindy 2 years ago
Really hot story made me very wet!
Lisa 2 years ago
I suspect your wife didn’t really have to push you to far to suck some cock! I thought my husband would never consider it and now he is bi and I love our mmf threesomes.
Sis 2 years ago
No it didn’t take much for my wife to push me into sucking some Vick I am pretty opened minded. When I found out she likes guy on guy it was real easy to do it. I am not going to lie I really liked sucking cock I don’t know if it is because it is taboo when you are married.

Triston 1 year ago
Wow very hot story! I had to relieve my self just visualize doing this with my wife.
Jesse 2 months ago
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