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How Many Times

How Many Times

I am curious... How many women have cuckolded you, openly or by cheating?
I'll go first,
9 - former girlfriends;
1- ex-wife;
1- current wife.
11 - Total

All of them cucked me secretly but eventually flaunted it, and later left me for really forward and well-built guys with big cocks. My wife is still in secret mode.
What do they know about me that I do not understand?
FH Sex September 27, 2023 at 2:17 am 0
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They know you are a forgiving person apparently. Wish you the very best.
Janda 2 months ago
Thank you for your kind words and understanding. This is one of the few places I am able to be open with my thoughts and feelings.
When I found out, I didn't object and in fact I was curious about them exploring their sexual independence.
They all seem to love it that I asked them questions about their intimate experiences.
I told them I thought it was cool that they were so sexual and that their experiences turned me on.
Guys pursued each of them.
I acted big, all the guys wanted what I had.
Now, we all still live in the same town. When I see them they still flaunt it.
My current wife, after a long talk exploring our life and loves, knows everything and has now started secretly dating other men (including my best friend) and a woman too.
I hope I can help her feel comfortable enough to be more open. I am not trying to invade her privacy. I just want her to know I am proud of her for her self-discovery toward her personal and sexual independence. They all are exceptional women and I care for them deeply.
In some ways I do hope they are proud of me too.
Best wishes to you too and thank you for your response.

FH 2 months ago
Eleven!!? Wow! You must be a true and real-life cuckold. Kind of makes me feel very tingly. I can only imagine how much fun you would be.
Kay 2 months ago
I am hispanic. If a woman cheats on me I have to make sure her and him regret it, if you Know what I mean. Its my honor
Pedro 2 months ago
To Kay:
I am curious... to say the least. What do you mean by saying I am "a true and real-life cuckold"? I thought it was simply a man who's girlfriend or wife cheated. I thought it was different for me because they all eventually told me everything and even flaunted it. They told me everything, so like it wasn't cheating.
Also, what do you mean by fun.
Thank you for your response.
FH 2 months ago
To FH:
I am wondering if your wife would mind if I could borrow you for an evening for a date. I would treat you as special crush for the evening, flirt with you and make you feel so needful. But I would leave with another man. I want to make you my cuckold too.
Lexie 4 weeks ago
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