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How I learned about sex

How I learned about sex

It’s strange how I learned about sex. It wasn’t through the conversation with my parents or even my friends. It was by hearing my sister fuck her boyfriend through the wall.

We are two years apart and while I was a junior in high school, she was living at home and already a sophomore in college. Between our rooms was a shared bathroom. My parents, even to this day, always insisted on having a date night on Saturday, which meant we were home by ourselves.

It also meant her inviting her boyfriend to the house where they would spend most of their time in her room while I was in mine on my Xbox. He ran track for the school and was hot. She is 5‘5“ tall and only weighs maybe 115 pounds. She has dirty blonde hair with light brown eyes and I admit she has nice breasts.

At track meets, her uniform is basically high-waisted bikini bottoms and a flimsy tank top that is very formfitting. Even with the sports bra underneath, you can tell she has nice tits. I snuck into her room once and saw her bra size was 36B.

Since she’s used to competing in was basically a conservative bikini, she’s fairly comfortable with her body. Tiny boxers and a tank top wasn’t unusual for her to wear around the house. Neither was just a T-shirt a couple of inches above her knee. I always assumed she had underwear on since I could see the panty line when she walked away.

Her boyfriends were always athletes. Even now, Daniel did shotput and was at least 6’3” tall. It was strange seeing them together because she looks so tiny compared to him.

The first time he came over, my parents of course were not there. He came in to the house and said hello and didn’t even bother sitting down in the living room. She said not to bother her and took him to her room. About an hour or so after that, I went into the bathroom only to hear a piece of furniture hitting the other side of the wall. I didn’t know what it was, but after putting my ear to the wall, I could hear her moaning.

The more noise coming from her room, the louder her moaning got. I started being able to hear him tell her commands. Sometimes he would tell her to put it in her mouth, others it would be to ask her if she liked his dick inside her. When they were really going at it, I could hear her just say “oh fuck!”

Every time I heard her let out a tiny scream, I knew she just came. He could get her to cum at least twice every time.

After about entire night in her room, she would walk out with her hair in a mess with just a T-shirt on. It was clear she didn’t have a bra on, because I could see hard nipples through her t-shirt. He didn’t even have panty lines visible either,

They dated for at least two years and I must’ve heard her get fucked at least 40 times. I knew if he showed up, he was going get laid.

Every time, he would give me a little smile as he walked out.

One of the days they had finished up and she had just been in a T-shirt, she bent over just enough that I couldn’t help but look at her ass. He noticed I was looking at her and gave me smile and shook his head jokingly.

He said it was a little sick that I was trying to get a look at her “snatch“, but that he couldn’t blame me. He told me she was “hot as fuck“ and that she was naked under her T-shirt.

He leaned in and whispered in my ear “she’s too tired to put on panties when I’m done with her.“

“You want to be a sick fuck, that’s fine with me”

He showed me pics on his phone of her in her bra and panties. There were some with he’s a dick in her mouth and the video she sent him of her fingering herself to climax. There were plenty of her getting done doggy style too.

He told me she was a type to fuck whenever.

She eventually moved out her senior year, but I could only imagine what she was doing in her apartment if that’s what she was doing at our parents house.
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