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Dress up and masturbate story no 2

Dress up and masturbate story no 2

My guilt continues….but I can’t seem to slow down because I enjoy the rush that crossdressing gives to much I am hooked!

After sliding on panties and lingerie and feeling comfortable I want to show off but where without getting caught. I decide to go to a mens gay bath house while on a business trip. I don’t know why but I didn’t refer to my s of as wing gay. I don’t know why I guess I never considered myself to be gay how could I be I have never had an experience with the other men.

Could I actual be gay? By the way I love to put on a show if it is in a sauna and guys are intrigued and want me to play with myself in front of them.

I enter the bath house with a cute panty thigh outfit on under my jeans, I get in my little play room gay porn is plying and I have a full mirror. I leave the door open and take my tight tee shirt off and slid my jeans down, a guy stops and compliments me in my lingerie. I thank him for the compliment he asked if he could watch I told I would enjoy that. He watches me takeoff my panties I show him my cock and stroke it for him a couple of times, did I mention I love to be a couple to tease, I then put on on a one piece outfit, with heels.

I am now shaking I am so nervous to step out of the room. He asked what was wrong I told him this is the first time wearing my outfit in front other men. He made it simple and asked if it feels good I told him yes, he then said why do I care what others think if I am enjoying myself? He said you know you want this I can tell come on I will take you to the large porn room and you can get use to it. I put on a mask and grabbed his hand it was weird holding a guys hand and being so feminine.

That’s all it took, I was in the porn room eventually being groped. The guy that took me there asked if I would like to play in his room he knew that I was ready to explode.

He had me where he wanted me. he knew I would do anything but he was very cool knowing it was my first time he told me to go at my pace. So walked around in the heels and outfit and told him that I want him to be the first cock that I suck, I got on my knees and stroke his cock until it was fully erect, and put his cock in my mouth. I was bound to give him a great blow job. It took me a few minutes,’and I have to confess I have practiced often on 9”’dildo. I sucked and played with the tip and then deep throated him like I was a porn star! He was getting ready to explode and warned me, I did not pull back I let him come in my mouth and I swallowed. He said their is no way that was the first cock that I sucked. I assured him it was but I had lots of practice on dildos.

I then laid back and jerked off in front of him. He made this experience one that I will never forget!

I am I gay? I will say I like sucking cock and jerking off in front of men.

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Great sexy story it made me extremely horny! I like that you are exploring your feminine side!
Jess 1 month ago
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