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Age Sucks

I hate being old. Most of my close friends are dead, tell me that doesn't depress you. Time has a way of making things clear, but it isn't any less painful.

I know many of my high school friends and it's weird how it has turned out. ALL of the guys who were "Hot" are either very obese or dead. None have any hair left, and all have crap attitudes, living stuck 40 years ago. The women who were "Hot", to a person, all are also incredibly obese and nasty looking. Women their age in my youth certainly weren't as revolting.

What's most painful is how many of the average looking women I adored and wanted to date (but never did because they were obsessed with "Hot guys") have all later admitted they wished they had dated me in school. The guy with a steady outlook turned out to be more attractive for the long term. So many of them are divorced, broke because the "Hot guy" dumped them and their bills/ kids. In a heart to heart with one friend who admitted she wanted to date now and realized we couldn't, I had to tell her our roles in school were now reversed. It made her very sad. Bothered me, but no way am I getting involved with somebody with a herd of dysfunctional kids and a herd of ex-husbands.

Life would be so much easier if it was over.
Kevin Other January 26, 2022 at 12:45 pm 0
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How old are you? Are you financially ok? Are you aldo obese and narty looking?
jim 4 months ago
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