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A few have asked

A few have asked

I have had a few people ask me how did I get my wife to indulge in my cuckold fantasy or fetish.

Firstly my wife is my second wife Mykal Marie Edwards. Five foot three inches and a quarter. One sixty a few extra pounds curvy chubby voluptuous. Large 44Dd tits pudgy belly wide hips. A half Polynesian Hawaiian Pacific Islander and white.
Sexy legs in shape from volleyball and soft ball. Thick juicey ass sexy af.
Beautiful bright youthful vibrant face.
Great personality.
She was also married once before alcoholic abusive cheater always had an excuse.
It hurt her self esteem and confidence.

Now knowing this it's kinda ball in my court.
Worship her body mind and soul expose her to knew shit.
In her case having a bit of a foot and high heels fetish. I started by taking her outside of her comfort zone.
More of a tomboy jeans tee shirt chucks or sneakers.
We get a few pair of high heels garter belt thigh highs lingerie negligee corset things like that.
Feeling sexy looking sexy equal more confidence. Seeing herself in a new light feeling wanted and attractive. Trust a deep commitments and not obligations. A lot of foreplay I was the first to eat her ass suck her toes while pounding her kiss up her body and show her new spots that turn her on and excited her.
After her kid was born she did not like her breasts played with. Bow they are one of her source of sexual pleasure.

The talk.
It did not start with I want to watch you with another man not all not even the word cuckold. I asked her what sexually pleased her what made her want to burst. What makes her wet what set her into overdrive.
It was dick sucking dick playing with dick hand jobs blowjobs tit jobs. She feels cumming on her face is disrespectful she dose not like it. But on her tits in her mouth on her belly ass pubic mound or feet she loves cum.
We talked about her fantasies and what she got off to. She started to open up Now Key point listening to her.
We talked about my fantasies. Aka what do I masturbate to.
At some this point we talked about my sharing threesome cuckold and hotwife fantasies. I reassure her I love her I want her. I'm not trying to push her off on anyone and that I'm in love with her and her body. That I'm find her sexually appealing that the taboo idea of watching her with another man is purely a sexual arousal.
She told me she is bi curious and wanted to try being with a bisexual woman in a threesome.
We did not look or seek out actively just keeping our ears and eyes open. It happened to be her friend Chelsea it was a threesome. Then a former of mine coworker windy and a friend who was moving.
The second one was uncomfortable for her so we paused everything figured it out set rules.
About a year later we had a full swap with Chelsea and her now boy toy.
That was a little uncomfortable for both of us so we put things on hold.
At the time bar tending and I was a cook now. She took a job at a strip club part time as the bar tender.
We became friends with Roche the bouncer 22 younger then us by a few years. Army vet smart funny tall athletic black. She had never found a black man attractive before and we had become friends. We do drink but not often more pothead that have our shit together.
We had brought up my fantasies once again started role-playing some of mine out. Porn did nothing for her.
We invited him over to drink smoke and hangout after work one night.
We all got a little tipsy drinking we were baked. Roche single for several weeks.
Don't remember how it really happened that was ten years ago 28 then 38 now.
One thing led to another and I watched Mykal my then fiancee suck and fuck Roche while watching. I did not interpret but obviously showed I enjoyed watching. Supported her when they were done and enjoyed a few rounds with her after.
We had a few plays with Roche I want to say 10 to 12. I would join in tag team her double penetrating her Eiffel Tower that sort of play.
After awhile no weirdness we just had each other normal family life. We had a mutual friend Mark. Kinda Tom Sawyer trouble of a guy. I knew he was a freak being on red-dit and x hamster. I shared Mykal with Mark a few times. At one point I convinced her to let a guy from the bar pick her up. We had a few full swaps and a couple threesomes one with a 26 year old babysitter she went to belly dancing classes with.
Once again we went back to just us. We did talk about the lifestyle what we liked and our fantasies.
Once our kid went to private school we agreed to slowly get back in to the life style.
She got into younger mid twenties big white cock having a few encounters the first year with some young studs from csu or cu.
Most of her sex went down infront of mevwith me just watching. I did not want to do shit without her but I had given her the okay to get laid as long as she told me and I got details or a vid or two occasionally a few pics would come my way.
It got me off so she would have her lover film or take pics especially of her just before and after penetration.
She maintains a few young white bulls I watched half the time the other half I sent her on solo sex trips.
We talked about my race play interracial cuckold sex fantasies. We role played a few of them while she still maintained her big white cock younger bulls.
Having her first big black cock though the experiences were more painful and rough. We looked on a few sites she started her chatting after I basically interviewed the guys
Rules set all of us clear she did have her first truely pleasurable bbc.
That said not every black man is packing 12 inches and just like everyone other race not every bbc is a sex God some just don't know how to use it.
But having two regular young white men my wife found one very well hung 11 inch bbc. Army vet cool guy good looking well hung super muscular guy Andre.
At 38 Andre is now her full time bull Bradley and Cooper moved currently she has one younger boy toy a ten inch white man from her job but not a bull yet.
At the Sametime we still have threesome and enjoy the company of another woman. Infact we are looking for a third.
We maintain a balanced life hard working responsibilities come first but if you work hard every now and then play hard

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