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My wife hates anal sex and will not let me anywhere near her asshole. But she is drunk I regularly fuck her in the ass. She gets so drunk that she doesnt remember the next morning. Also she will answer any question I ask while she is drunk and has no memory of it. So while I fuck her I ask her about other men she has fucked and she spills the beans. We have a kidless weekend and date night this weekend. I will be taking her ass again and asking dirty questions. any suggestions on what else I should do to her or ask her. she will have no recollection the next day.
Relationships April 02, 2015 at 12:00 am 1
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Hmmm, my wife is the same barring the ass fucking, need to try harder. Anyway depends what does it for you but try getting her to contact one of the guys she's been seeing and talk flirty with him. Hearing how another guy wants to fuck my missus is a turn on for me.
anonymous 5 years ago
My wife likes to have me lube up and rub my cock on the outside of her ass while she vibrates. She loves me to cum all over her ass, then lick it off and keep rimming her until she cums. It is an acquired taste, and I only did it at first to please her, but now I love it whenever we do it.
anonymous 5 years ago
My wife and I drink all the time. For her B day I invited two guys over . We all drank then gang banged her. It was her first time being with a black guy. She loved it so we did it more with the two guys . They have brought out of over more of their friends to further know her. She is 41 and the guys are in their 20's .
anonymous 5 years ago
So you take pleasure in RAPING Your wife , if she says no sober she still means no while drunk !! You are an inconsiderate self absorbed piece of shit !! Personally I hope she finds out and gets you drunk as fuck and has some huge black guy rape your ass so hard you cannot sit for a week you low life piece of scum !!!
anonymous 5 years ago
Ok the guy that licks his cum is nasty, and that is not classified as rape. You don't remember dreams. Are your dreams raping your brain to this absurdity? And come on this was a year ago she has to know at least this post is up if she doesn't yet know what her husband is doing
anonymous 5 years ago
If she said no, it means that you violated her consent. Simple. Y'all defending the rapist don't understand that marriage is supposed to be about trust and not taking advantage of someone in a vulnerable state. Anal sex causes physical changes in the body that are long term. Don't bullshit me about this stuff. You're compromising her bodily integrity against her will. If she is in such a compromised state that she cannot consent, then you cannot have consensual sex with her.
IDGAF about his butt-licking.
You have no right to be mad about cheating when you're a rapist. You two should not be married. This sounds like a murder waiting to happen.
anonymous 5 years ago
This subject is winding me up to the point my blood is boiling.
All you nasty RAPISTS should be ashamed of yourselves and EVERYONE defending them. If the ladies wishes is NO i do not want to anal sex ever when she in a normal state of mind then if def still is NO when she is drunk and can not alter her judgement !!

So, to do anything when she is drunk that you know she would say NO to when sober sexually IS RAPE !!

Having said that i think someone has put this on here to get a reaction and its not true and it do not happen.

I say this because i know being a female like i am if this happened to me when i was drunk or any other time i would know it had taken place ! For one reason when anal is performed you as the female is not tight in that area any more as having sex there stretches the hole and no amount of lobe would stop you from being sore so the lady would know it had taken place when she sober up that is a fact !!
anonymous 5 years ago
Oh yeah and reading someone said record it and put it on pornhub because she cheated so best deserts you are a arsehole !
Raping someone is against the law where if your caught you WILL go to prison cheating is not against the law.
So therefore there is nothing equal in that also when someone cheats the other one gets hurts then moves on simple as that, but rape is a violation of your body invasion and mentally disabling something that you never get over, only nasty evil scumbags would even think about raping someone leave alone doing it !!
anonymous 5 years ago
Nasty fucks! No one deserves to be raped! No is no this is sick! You should be in jai! I hope you get caught. Tired of sick fucks like this being aloud to breath!
anonymous 5 years ago
Fuck a cheater and cheat a fucker. If she is cheating you should shove a huge butt plug up her ass when she passes out again…

Angry man 3 months ago
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